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In addition to match reports, the EDVA Press Officer would like members to send in their match and team photos, to be used in match reports and on our web sites.

Before we can use any photo, we need to have permission from the copyright owner (that’s the person who took the photos), that the owner give us the use of the photo free of charge and that they have permission from the parents for everyone under the age of 18 in the photo#.

# All clubs (or EDVA tournaments) with junior players involved will be using Parental Consent forms, these will already include parents permissions for their children to appear in photos and videos. Just ask the team coach or the event organisers who will either confirm or point out to you any player(s) who must not be included.

Don’t let the above requirements stop you promoting your team or club, it’s just basic house keeping and the T&C’s for using photos in the UK, and don’t forget that we need the original photo (max size 5MB).

[form match_press_photos]