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Referee Activity & Development Log

Every Referee should take personal responsibility for his/her own development.


  • It is in the interests of all registered referees of all Grades that they maintain an up to date ‘Referee Activity/Development Log’, and it is strongly recommended. Used efficiently and thoughtfully, it can be a key element of a referee’s self evaluation, personal record and development.
  • There are obvious advantages in having an up to date log available at every match, so that it can then be discussed with a member of the Staff Team or a more senior referee if present.

NB At each match referees should have :-

  • Current Rule Book
  • A copy of the Referees’ Code of Conduct
  • The Referee Guidelines issued by the Referee Commission (currently being updated)
  • Key Performance Objectives for current and next grade

NOTE: When a referee on the National League Panel is being observed by a member of the Staff Team the above may form a part of the discussion.

  • Each referee is responsible for maintaining and developing their own Handbook
  • After each match every referee should note key match elements, from which something can be learned, and set future targets
  • Where a member of the Staff Team or a senior referee is present to Observe/Assess, the key elements and agreed targets should be recorded on the log during the de-brief.
  • When no member of the Staff Team or senior referee is present, the elements can be identified by personal evaluation or a mutual de-brief with the refereeing partner
  • In the case of a tournament a single log may be completed for the event, though it is advised any semi-finals/finals are logged separately.

Copies of the log form may be photocopied or downloaded from the Referees’ area on the Volleyball England website.