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Directive from Referee Commission September 2014.

Referee Commission has implemented for the new season the new Guideline Rule 24.3 of the FIVB Refereeing Guidelines and Instructions 2014, which states:

“Rule 24.3
In case the decision is made by the 1st referee it is no longer necessary for the 2nd Referee to “mirror” the signal of the 1st Referee.”

 Any decision made by the 1st referee will continue to give the side out signal and the fault, the 2nd referee will no longer mirror/ copy the 1st referees signals.

 If the 2nd stops the rally for a fault, the 2nd referee still indicates the fault and if necessary indicates the player(s) committing that fault. The 1st referee will then indicate the side out.

This may take some time to adjust and some leeway will be given on observations but will be pointed out. This process was first used at the Sainsbury’s School Games and the referees adapted very quickly.

Enjoy the season

Steve Evans
Referee Commission.