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Referee Support – Mentorship

One reason for a lack of referees in the area, is that many newly qualified referees often get put off after having a bad experience at a match. This can often be put down to a lack of experience and often results in the person giving up. Learning the skills required to referee and control a match (as well as all the rules) takes time and past experience shows that additional coaching and support is often required.

Nationally there is a referees’ buddy scheme which addresses this problem, locally we can also provide support. This can include assessing your current refereeing level, providing feedback and support during matches, clarification and interpretation of the rules, etc. tailored to meet your specific needs. We can also arrange for you to 1st & 2nd ref EDVA Div 1 matches, South West League matches, National League and Beach matches (a separate qualification), as you progress as a referee and learn the trade.

Everyone progresses at a different rate and past experience shows that it often takes two years for a newly qualified ref to progress from local through to regional and national level matches.

If you would like to take advantage of this support, please contact Dave Reece, (currently a Grade 3R ref, been refereeing for 20 years and has officiated at over 150 National League matches) or myself

In the area there is an opportunity for referee mentoring and upgrading to 4R (and beyond) at the SW Championships in May.

At the beginning of the tournament Volleyball England Referee trainers will discuss the competition and answer any questions you may have. During the games, they will be available to observe or mentor you in your capacity as an official and track progression over the weekend of all willing referees, offering opportunities based on this and your abilities to officiate the Semi Finals and Finals.

If you are a Grade 4 referee, they are happy to observe and recommend you for upgrading providing you have a good understanding of the rules and can control the game. They would preferably need to see you 1st AND 2nd referee in matches. (Please note, if you are not registered as a referee for the 2012/13 season, they can still observe you and recommend you for upgrading but it will not take effect until you next register).