FIVB Rules Changes (2013-2016)

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FIVB Rules are reviewed and updates every 4 years.

Major changes include

  • DOUBLE TOUCH ON SERVICE – It is a fault, during the reception of service, to make a double contact or catch using an overhand finger action.
    This is a added rule for service only. The rules for first hit if the team other than service remain the same (i.e. can contact various parts of the body consecutively, provided that the contacts occur during one action.
    The above rule has been withdrawn.

  • SCREENING – The players of the serving team must not prevent their opponent, through individual or collective screening, from seeing the server AND the flight path of the ball.

    Now an extra level, with the yellow card being deprecated to a second warning, and the other cards moving down one, with a new yellow and red card shown separately for expulsion.

    • Stage 1 – verbal warning through game captain
    • Stage 2 – YELLOW CARD to team member. This warning is not a sanction but a symbol that the team member (and by extension the team) has reached the sanctioning level for the match. It has no immediate consequences, but is recorded on the score sheet.
    • RED CARD – Penalty (sanction)
    • RED + YELLOW JOINTLY – Expulsion
    • RED + YELLOW SEPARATELY – Disqualification

Please also refer to the changes this year (September 2014) from the Referee Commission about changes in hand signals