Volleyball England Youth Forum

Dear Club Chair and Secretaries,
I’m currently working on establishing a Volleyball England Youth Forum as we have been fortunate enough to receive funding from V-Inspired to do so. I am intending on recruiting a group of about 4 to 6 young people (16 to 24 year olds). They will be used as a focus group to help inform us how best to recruit young people as players and volunteers but also they will have some of their own projects to work on.

I have also sent details of this to any young people who are registered with us but if you could encourage any young people within your club who might be particularly suited to being on the Youth Forum to apply that would be great. Please speak to me if you’d like any more details or think the Youth Forum could be of use in your area of work in any way.

Thanks, Ilona Berry, National Volunteer Development Officer, Volleyball England i.berry@volleyballengland.org

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