Torexe Spitfires at Killerton

kirton-2162_webFollowing a request from Sandi Holland, a previous Torexe member and now Events Manager at Killerton. We were invited to run a “Come and Try it Volleyball Sessions” on one of their open days, and to advertise the clubs activities.

kirton -2147_webThe Torexe Spitfires team took up the challenge to help run and staff the event, which did not start to well due to the weather.

kirton-2122_webA lot of gazebo time for the morning session due to the rain but after a free cream tea lunch, the sun finally came out.

kirton-2156_webWe put up three nets at ladies and junior heights plus a number of banners. Not too many customers, mostly under 10′s and a number of adults joined in.

Many thanks to: Abbie, Ellie, Jaz, Kirsty, Karis and Jacob for their help.