Officials Secretary

The EDVA committee position of Officials Secretary has now been filled, Ian Sidwell has volunteered for the role and one of his first jobs is to revamp the Referees Support section of the EDVA website. This has now been completed and hopefully this will make it easier to read and find what you are looking for, like a one-stop place for all things EDVA refereeing.

Referee specific documents are now held there, but the old links (via the Documents menu) remain to prevent confusion. Content has not altered that much, but the Volleyball England’s Code of Conduct has been added and a link to their referee pages on their website.

Also added are the generic rotation slip templates, as well as a downloadable pdf sheets of the referee’s logbook.

This committee position has not been filled for a few years and hence the committee is working on a new job description for the post, hopefully we can also get many of the new referee’s refereeing, and to improve standards, not only within the EDVA, but further a field.

Any suggestions for the website or about refereeing in the EDVA, please contact Ian at

The EDVA Committee post of Press & PR is still available to anyone who would like to give it a go, there is no fixed job description for this post but the EDVA and others run quite a few leagues and events each year, they all need to be promoted to the Volleyball community and to the wider world. The EDVA is also responsible for keeping up to date two web sites #, with news and events. If you are interested or would like to give this ago then please contact Dave Reece for more details.

[# You will not be responsible for the administration of the web sites, this is done by others but all Officers are responsible for adding their own content to the web sites (lessons and software available if required)].