FIVB 2013-2016 rules (Updated 16/1/13)

Rules are updated four yearly by FIVB. Volleyball England have not ratified the new rules, and we will not be considering using them until they have.

I received an email from Steve Evans (Volleyball England Referee Commission):

I have had many enquires as to whether we have adopted the New FIVB rules.

The new rules will not be implemented in our Domestic matches until, next season 2013-14. Once these have been agreed between Referee Commission and Competition Commission. The new rules will be a discussion item at the Referee conference on 7th September 2013.

So the new rules will not be implemented until next season, and we do not yet know if they will be used in full.

The new rules can be found here. A summary of changes here. Changes that are likely to affect us here.)