Exmouth Beach VC v BBC Escape to the Country

Exmouth Beach VC, Clare Babbage, Ali West & Silvia Angelini were featured in last weeks BBC’s “Escape to the Country” program. The program looks at various properties within a geographic area, the program also adds a number of local attractions to each program and chose Beach Volleyball for their South Devon program..

Clare Babbage, Ali West & Silvia Angelini

 The two and a half minute segment took part on one of the four permanent beach courts and featured a short 3-A-Side knock about and an interview with EBVC Beach Director Ali West.

Escape to the Country – Series 10 (South Devon)

The program is available via the BBC iplayer (Direct Link: http://bbc.co.uk/i/qbwt4/) and the beach volleyball item starts at 18 minutes into the program.