Exeter Challenge Result

Well done to everyone who took part in this years Exeter Men’s Challenge event. It was a full house of twelve teams who took up this years challenge. Over all the results for the top half of the table were very much the same as in 2013.

The home team of Torexe Hunter’s finished in 5th place (same as last year), Exeter Storm once again took the runners up spot but last years winners and third place teams of the South West U17 Squad and Kernow swapped places with the SW U17 team taking their first ever event title but one point.

2014 SWVA U17_web
1st South West U17 Squad

Results Table:

No. Club & Team Name… No. Club & Team Name…
1st SWVA U17 7th Arrows
2nd Exeter Storm 8th Poole Panthers
3rd Kernow Maw 9th SWVA U15
4th Kernow 10th Torexe
5th Torexe Hunters 11th Bristol Uni
6th Taunton 12th Plymouth Marjon


2014 Exeter Storm_web
2nd Exeter Storm


2014 Kernow_web
3rd & 4th Place Kernow Maw and Kernow


Torexe Hunters_web
5th Torexe Hunter