Equality Act 2010

The Government has made some changes through the Equality Act 2010 which may affect some private clubs and other types of associations, including some volleyball clubs. These provisions of the Act affects associations which:

* have 25 or more members, and
* control access to membership by rules involving a selection process.

For example, clubs which require applicants for membership to make a personal application, be sponsored by other members and/ or go through some kind of selection process will be affected by the changes. If your club does fit in this category please follow the links below to guidance produced by the Government Equalities Office so that you are aware of the changes that came into force on 1 October and your responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010. http://www.equalities.gov.uk/pdf/2010-11-10%20GEO_EqAct_Private%20Clubs%20Guidance.pdf