EDVɅ 2022 Mixed Tournament Results

After a break of a year, it was good to be back with the 2022 EDVA Tournament, once again it was a very competitive end to the day as teams battled for the Cup, Plate and Bowl trophies.

This years EDVA Cup winners were Exeter Storm Lightning with PMVC Vikings in second place. Torexe Gladiators beat Torexe Warriors for the Plate trophy and University of Plymouth took the Bowl final over PMVC Tigers.

Team of the day was the junior team of PMVC Tigers, who beat a number of teams to reach the Bowl final.

2022 EDVA Cup Winner: ESVC Lightning Stormers

Cup Plate Bowl
1st ESVC Lightning Stormers Torexe Gladiators UPVC 1
2nd PMVC Vikings Torexe Warriors PMVC Tigers
3rd ESVC Thunder Stormers Kirton Wolves Torexe Samurais
4th PMVC Pirates University of Exeter UPVC 2

2022 EDVA Plate Winner: Torexe Gladiators

2022 EDVA Bowl Winners: UPVC 1

Team of the Day: PMVC Tiger