Do it before you leave the Sports Hall

The use of JPG photos from tablets and smart phone devises have now been added to the list of options for uploading your scoresheet.

A third of all users of the EDVA web site now do so with a mobile devises, using and converting pdf files on these devises do not work if you crop, have not set the attributes correctly and adding to the web site is not always possible.

Upload Scoresheet EDVA

We have introduced the JPG photo file option, both Apple IOS and Google Android devises (and others devises with a 5MB camera) can upload photos from the Camera Roll to the web sites. DO NOT CROP OR ADJUST THE IMAGE, as this will trigger compression software and will render the image unusable.

You can still use an appropriate camera or a scanner and save as a pdf, JPG images that are too large will have to be reduced (not an issue from a tablet or smartphone). To help with this, the maximum size accepted by the web site has now been increased to 3MB.

If your tablet or mobile devise does not have the required 5 MB camera, Wifi or 3/4G network access, ask a team or club member that does. There is an unbelievable amount of computing power now taken to every volleyball match, lets use it.