Championship Play-Off

Sunday 28th March sees the EDVA Play Off finals at Riverside with Torexe Buzzards playing in the Div One match – come along and support the event. This is everyone’s chance to see the top two teams in each division in action against each other, hopefully producing some good matches.

In order to help this event run smoothly we are also looking for a second ref, scorer and at least two line judges for each match, as we would like these to be as independent as possible, if you wish to volunteer, please contact Ian Sidwell at

Order of Play:

Match 1: Warm Up Start Time 13:00, Game Start 13:30 Division One Play Off – Torexe Buzzards v Taunton Thunder

Match 2: Division Two Play Off – Exeter College v Wanderers Vikings.

Players to be available to start warming up at 15:00 for a match start time of 15:30 (assuming previous match has finished, or to follow as soon as possible after the first match, if it finishes later than 15:00).

Match Format: The matches will be the best of 5 sets (first team to 3 sets wins)

Rachel Swindell