Celebrating 25 Years of Volleyball

Volleybash 25 – Mosie on down to the Torexe Barn Dance, round up your partners past and present and rope in a few of them opposition folks too! Dig, Set and Dosey Doe with Jigs 4 Gigs, Buffet and Barn Dance, Friday 23rd April 2010, 7pm till late, Coaver Social Club.

Come and celebrate 25 years of volleyball with the Torexe Volleyball Club, tickets are now available for all volleyballers, there is a limited supply of tickets, so get in early!!

Tickets available from Rachel Rachel.Swindell@network100.co.uk


Volleyball as we know it

Up until the mid 80’s, there were no public sport halls in Exeter or East Devon and hence no local indoor volleyball. In 1984, the Clifton Hill SC opened and a number of Coaver teams got together and took a weekly four hour Friday night booking. Initially they just played matches but soon formed themselves into the “Clifton Hill” VC, the name was changed in 1987 to the Exeter VC and combined with Torbay VC to form the “Exeter & Torbay” VC, but it’s known to everyone as “Torexe”. Over 2,000 people (or 2% of the population of Exeter) have played or trained with Torexe during this period.

Do you have any old team photos?

We have put together a collection of photos (players etc from the first 25 years of Torexe). We are now working on volume 2, so if you have a team or action photo, indoors or out, then we would like to add it to the collection. Please forward to Dave.Reece@Network100.co.uk

To see volume One, please click: Volume One Torexe-25-Years