2022-23 JuVoTo Round 2 Exeter

Teams battled through snow and below freezing conditions from all corners of the region to make it to round two of the 2022/23 SW JuVoTo season at Exeter this weekend. It may not have been the warmest venue but plenty of on court action to keep everyone warm.

Next up will be Round 3 (28th Jan 2023) at Hutton Moore LC, Weston Super Mare (12-5pm), entries open in the new year.

U12 Girls: 1st RWB Buzzards – U12 Boys: 1st RWB Harriers

U13 Boys: 1st RWB Eagles / 2nd Exeter Storm / 3rd Cardiff Celts Green / 4th Cardiff Celts Red / 5th Weymouth Ripples / 6th Calne Solar / 7th Taunton Cobras

U14 Girls: 1st Beach Academy Spikers / 2nd Weymouth Tsunami / 3rd Bristol VC 2

U14 Boys: 1st Weymouth Tidal / 2nd Bristol VC 1 / 3rd Torexe Champs / 4th Taunton Cheetas


U15 Girls: 1st RWB Hawks / 2nd Ivybridge A / 3rd Cardiff Celts / 4th Torexe Waves / 5th Bristol VC 3

U15 Boys: 1st Exeter Storm / 2nd Calne VC – Mars / 3rd RWB Peregrines / 4th Taunton Panthers / 5th Torexe Tigers / 6th Torexe Aces

For current 2022/23 overall standings, see: 2022/23 SW JuVoTo