Volleyball In Germany

Corinne Jeffries is one of our exciting young players who just can’t get enough of the sport. She started with us as a junior and has worked her way up through the ranks, last year she was playing National league for Devon Women, South West with Torexe and Beach with Exmouth BVC.

This year, Corinne has moved to Hamburg, so I asked her how she was getting on….


Well, where to start! Yes it really is a whole new world here in terms of volleyball, and there are a lot more levels to play at. In Hamburg there are two teams both playing in the division two Bundesliga which is divided into north and south Germany. In terms of playing standards it’s more div 1 if compared to the English league.

However even in the division two, the players are paid to play, and all the clubs’ finance is from sponsors. So the idea of paying to play for a team is a very foreign one! I’m training with a club called VT Aurubis Hamburg ( http://www.na.hamburg-volleyball.de ), and the club has a team in the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga.

The 1st team are all professionals, so they train twice a day. I’m training with the 2nd team, where the age range is from 16 to about 28. We train every evening for 2 to 2.5 hours a night. strength and fitness training is built into that time. The team has a first and second coach, plus a physio, which is really great, and also means that the players are given more one to one attention.

VT Aurubis Hamburg – Division Two Bundesliga

There are between 10 and 12 of us in the team, so team spirit plays an important role in the club. I only joined in mid-September, and they had all been training since early-august, so I’m a bit behind. Training is always very intense and focused, often spending over an hour practicing one drill, such as free balls, defense and serve receive. Friday’s training is more game orientated, in preparation for the weekends match and to put into practice the training during the week.

I haven’t registered to play competitively because I can’t commit 100%, I am working as a full-time au pair here in the city. Up until now this has worked really well, I have most evenings free, which means I can get to 3 or 4 training sessions a week, but I do have to make work a priority. I’m living and eating with the family, so financing myself isn’t a problem, which is great, and takes a lot of stress away as I don’t have to worry about bills/rent…

As well as the indoor volleyball, I’ve recently got a membership at a huge indoor beach centre ( www.beachkurs.de ) just up the road from where I live. With 10 indoor courts and 8 outdoor courts, this centre caters for beginners all the way through to the top German beach pros. It is a really amazing venue, and so I’m playing there around twice a week, depending on work commitments.

This means that I have access to beach coaching throughout the winter months, which is so great, because as a player I’m still undecided which route I want to take. At the moment, with the beach opportunities that I have available, I’m leaning towards focusing on beach, but I feel I’m still in need of a lot of technical improvement!

As for costs, I have a two month pass (40 Euros) which allows me to play 4pm-6pm week days and Sundays from 3pm for free. Training sessions are 11 to 14 Euros, depending on numbers.

Best wishes,
Corinne Jeffries