UPVC Cyclones Win the Ladies Tournament

After a fantastic day of volleyball for all our Ladies development and beginner teams from around the area, it was UPVC Cyclones who took the top prizes ahead of Torexe Titans in an epic final match.

PMVC Cobras came out top in the 3rd – 4th play off match against Torexe Aces, with PMVC Vipers in 5th place, University of Exeter in 6th and UPVC Heatwaves in 7th.

The EDVA Ladies Development tournament is for teams and players who are learning the game. For quite a few, this was their first 6v6 match experience and hence a number of JuVoTo rules are used at the event. Matches are a single 25 minute set, with two time-outs per team. Unlimited subsitutions and a player cannot serve more than three points in a row, if they do, the team rotates one position with a new server, if they win a second set of three points, the ball goes to the opposition.

This produced a lot of very even and competative matches. Teams were awarded 3 points for a win, 2 for a draw and 1 point if within 75% of the winning score.

Lots of people also tried their hand at refereeing and good to see the number of young coaches supporting their teams, overall an excellent day for the sport of volleyball with plenty of support from a balcony of spectators.