Taunton Juniors win the LBG

A big thank you to all those who responded to my request asking for votes. You helped my club win £5,000 which will go a long way to sustaining as well as further developing our junior club over the years.

Happy New Year!
Jurek on behalf of Taunton Junior Volleyball Club.

The LBG award allocated to Volleyball Taunton makes the impossible possible, as they allow everyone in Somerset to access this olympic sport

How we’ll use the money

If given this remarkably generous award, we would channel it towards growing the club, increasing participation, coach development and long term sustainability of the club. The investment in the junior programmes as well as the senior club would see more outreach work occur as over time junior coaches would be developed with the necessary qualifications needed to do that. The qualifications that these coaches would receive would also raise the self esteem of the individuals and help make their CV look more marketable and employable. Already I have in mind to go into primary schools and secondary schools, run taster sessions, then organise annual inter school competitions. The money would help purchase equipment and venue hire to achieve that vision. I would also like to see a few fixed nets at locations where young people can just show up and play, just because the nets are there.

The difference it will make
The LBG Funding award makes all the difference as volleyball can be brought to the masses in large parts of Somerset. The LBG award would not only support Volleyball Taunton promoting this top 3 sport in the world be suddenly available to many young children and communities in Somerset, but help individuals achieve their ambitions in a region that is well known for social deprivation. The young people may themselves then be inspired to coach others or decide to take up a PE course at University or college. The wider community would play volleyball on the beaches, in parks for everyone to see and participate in, giving the sport the higher image it deserves.

Volleyball Taunton has members who use their free time to offer some children within primary schools and secondary schools an opportunity of experiencing this wonderfully dynamic and engaging sport of volleyball. There is no volleyball to be seen until you reach 50 miles north to Bristol or 30 miles south to Exeter. For that reason those young people in the community who never would have tried the sport can suddenly be engaged and in a coed environment. These young people then are given the opportunity to compete with their peers from other counties, providing an overwhelming and lasting experience such that they then encourage their friends to join too in some instances. As a club we are also lucky to have one of the most capped players that ever played for England deliver the coaching, Jurek Jankowski who is in the Hall Of Fame.