Sam Curtis takes a One Point lead

At the halfway stage, Sam Curtis from WVC Raptors takes a one point lead in this years Division One Play of the Match award with Luca De Gutty (Torexe Phantoms) and Scott Connett (Kings) close behind on three points.

In Division Two its a five way tie with Anna Grabowska (Torexe Vulcans), Dan Tapson (PMVC Jesters), Fletcher (Birdmen), Peryanaden Coolen (Torexe Jaguars) & Ulrich Hewald (WVC Cohorts) all sharing the lead.

EDVA 2012-13 Division One POM Table (9th Jan)

No. Player Team
4 Sam Curtis WVC Raptors
3 Luca De Guttry Torexe Phantoms
3 Scott Connett Kings
2 Joel Stevens Torexe Hunters
2 Liene Knupke PMVC Pocket Rockets
2 Sam Lees WVC Cardinals
2 Vamshi Parvathaneni Team ExColl
2 Vlad Zhischenko Team ExColl
29 other players have one nomination.


EDVA 2012-13 Division Two POM Table (9th Jan)

No. Player Team
3 Anna Grabowska Torexe Vulcans
3 Dan Tapson PMVC Jesters
3 Fletcher Birdmen
3 Peryanaden Coolen Torexe Jaguars
3 Ulrich Hewald WVC Cohorts
2 Cecile Carter WVC Cohorts
2 Eric de Mouhy Exeter Uni 3
2 Kyle Mitchell PMVC Jesters
2 Reeves Denbury
19 other players have one nomination.