POM Update

As we move towards the conclusion of this years Player of the Match award, Sam Curtis and Scott Connett are neck and neck in Division One with Daniel Kohn and Liene Knupke not too far behind.

EDVA 2012-13 Division One POM Table (20th Mar)

No. Player Team
6 Sam Curtis WVC Raptors
6 Scott Connett Kings
4 Daniel Kohn Torexe Hunters
4 Liene Knupke PMVC Pocket Rockets

In Division Two its Peryanaden Coolen and Ulrich Hewald ahead by just one point from Anne Jungman. More details on the POM page.


EDVA 2012-13 Division Two POM Table (20th Mar)

No. Player Team
5 Peryanaden Coolen Torexe Jaguars
5 Ulrich Hewald WVC Cohorts
4 Anne Jungman Exeter Uni 2