Exeter JuVoTo 2022 April

What more can we say, lots of happy smiling faces at the Exeter JuVoTo this weekend. Many thanks to the EDVA for hosting the event, a selection of photos at: Exeter JuVoTo 2022


U12 Girls: 1st RWB Bambinos / 2nd BrSp VC Storm

U12 Boys: 1st Exeter Storm / 2nd Cardiff Celts / 3rd BrSp VC Flames

U13 Boys: 1st Torexe Champs

U14 Girls: 1st Taunton Panthers / 2nd Taunton Wildcats / 3rd Ivybridge A / 4th Torexe Tigers / 5th Ivybridge B

U14 Boys: 1st RWB / 2nd Exeter Storm / 3rd Torexe Titans

U15 Girls: 1st Ivybridge A / 2nd Ivybridge B / 3rd Weymouth Tsunami / 4th RWB B / 5th Weymouth Mavericks / 6th RWB A / 7th Cardiff Celts / 8th Torexe Waves

U15 Boys: 1st RWB / 2nd Exeter Storm A / 3rd Exeter Storm B / 4th Weymouth Surge / 5th Taunton Snipers / 6th Weymouth Roller