A Snap Shot in Time

Like everything else, the sport of volleyball in Exeter changes and evolves over time. Back in the late 80’s and 90’s their was no internet, press reports in the local newspapers were the only means of publicity, volleyball reports often appeared twice a week in the Exeter Express and Echo, as well as the EDVA, all the major clubs had their own press officers, Torexe, Wonford, Teignmouth & Exeter University etc. This gave the sport good exposure, looking back, it has also record some of our history and shows how the sport has changed in our area.

We also played in more leagues (Devon had three local leagues at one point), Torexe, Teignmouth and Wonford all had teams in the Plymouth mixed and ladies divisions as well as the EDVA. Torexe, Teignmouth and Exeter University also competed in the Southwest Men’s and Ladies leagues and Torexe had teams in both the men’s and ladies National Leagues.

We started in 1988 with 14 teams, in 2002 we had 27 teams in the EDVA (the maximum number of teams I can find), which included a six team ladies division.

Among others things, I have also included press reports about the:

  • The first Exmouth Beach Tournament
  • Funds received for the EDVA volleyball centre at Exeter School
  • The start of the National League Ladies team
  • Start of the Exmouth Beach league
  • National Honors etc

Press reports were written by many people, myself, Martin Oram, Jerry Fardon, Nigel Weaver, Rick Partridge, Andy Pym, Rachel Swindell and many more. Past EDVA Press Reports

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# According to the 1994 club SW survey report, 37% of clubs were sponsored.
12% received between £500 – £1000 / 76% between £100 – £500 / 12% less than £100