2024 AGM Notice

To all EDVA Registered and Affiliated Clubs

It’s time to arrange and plan the 2024/25 EDVA Program for the next 12 months.

I would like to provide you with notice of the EDVA Annual General Meeting. This will take place on Thursday 25th July at the Coaver Club, County Hall, Matford Lane, Exeter EX2 4 PS at 8:30 pm (following the last round of the Coaver volleyball league matches).

This is a compulsory meeting # for all clubs wishing to play in the EDVA league next season, so please ensure that you have a representative at this meeting, and everyone is strongly encouraged to attend in person, to ensure active participation.

# University clubs can attend online (via GoToMeeting) on receipt of an appropriate request.

The agenda and GoToMeeting details will be circulated before the meeting.

Can all EDVA officers please provide a report on their area to the meeting.

As well as clubs we also need people to run the league, it’s quite simple, no volunteers, no program, so please get involved. League entries will follow with a Fixture meeting in early September.

Our Constitution needs updating, as proposed at last year’s meeting: Some of the terms used are now out of date & VE has asked for a change to make it clearer that the EDVA runs the EBVC (and our other club-based activities). They can then all come under the VE Public Liability Insurance cover, I will circulate a new copy at the meeting.

We have also had a request from a club based in Cornwall to join the league, based on our previous discussions, we would suggest that this would only be possible if they played their home matches within the EDVA area e.g. Plymouth.