2016-17 Season Gets Sorted

fixture meeting

Nineteen teams have entered this years EDVA indoor league competition and following the 2016-17 Fixture Meeting on Thursday (8th Sept), teams have until the 1st of October to confirm their fixtures. As per the league rules, once confirmed and published, teams can not postpone any fixture, although fixtures can be brought forward if all parties agree.

Division 1

  • Taunton Panthers
  • EWVC Cardinals
  • Kirton
  • Exeter Storm-Lightning Stormers
  • Torexe Hunters
  • Torexe Phantoms
  • Plymouth Pirates
  • EWVC Raptors

Division 2

  • Plymouth University Thunder
  • Exeter Storm- Thunder Stormers
  • Exeter University 1st team
  • Torexe Jaguars
  • Torexe Spitfires
  • Plymouth Tigers
  • EWVC Lions

Ladies league

  • Exeter Storm
  • Torexe Aces
  • Torexe Jets
  • Plymouth Drakes