2010 Division Title Play-Off

Although there are still a number of matches to be played in the conference league, the top two teams in the Division One and Division Two Title race are now known. They will face each other in a deciding match in the EDVA Play-Off at the Riverside LC in Exeter on the 28th March.

In Division One, Torexe Buzzards had looked favorites for a play-off place since day one but they have lost their last two matches against Exeter University and Torexe Eagles. It was not clear who would take the other play-off place but Taunton Thunder have had a good run during the second half of the season and have claimed the place, just ahead of the Eagles and the University.

In Division Two, Exeter College who were returning to the league, started well and with a few experienced players in their line up, quickly moved into pole position for a play-off place, however recent match form has not been ideal and the team has recently lost a couple of matches and dropped a number of bonus points.

A number of teams could have claimed the second play-off place, the all girls team of Torexe Falcons were favorites at one stage, along with Taunton Meerkats, Kings Juniors who have steadily improved during the year looked like they would claim it but Wanderers Vikings have come though in the final weeks to claim the remaining play-off position with an excellent run and only three loses all season.

On paper both of these matches are shaping up to be the highlight of the year, the normally reliable Buzzards are currently on a two match losing streak but division two looks like the match to watch. The teams last met on the 25th Feb at Exeter College, where they ran out of time when the score was 3-1, with two of the sets going to 25-20.